Legacy Machine Spares 
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SVR can work from damaged or worn samples for your spares parts needs. We will create drawings and in many cases improve the OEM design for longer life.

Machine Spares

Check back soon for a list of new semiconductor equipment legacy machine spares.

  • ASM
  • Dage
  • Disco
  • ESEC
  • K&S
  • Orthodyne
  • MultiTest ...

Equipment no longer supported by the OEM? Call SVR to meet your spare parts requirements.
Multi Test Actuator Lever.

Multi Test contact unit assembly.
Multi Test Channel Stopper
Modified to last longer than OEM
MultiTest Swivel Arm Assembly

Assembly redesigned by SVR which increased life from 250,000 units processed to over 450,000 units processed before failure. 

Multi Test Guide Pins
Modified to last longer than OEM
New Orthodyne Bonder Inserts.

Our bonder inserts can be reworked several times saving hundreds of dollars.

Orthodyne wire bonder anvil for D2PAK devices

For more information call SVR at 925 980 8113